Thursday, October 25, 2018

Proposed XHP Extensions

After significant amount of time spent writing and fixing LibreOffice Help pages (XHP), I came to conclusion that the LibreOffice Help XML (XHP) is a powerful markup but a bit too hard to master for newcomers and easy to have errors and mistakes slipped in files. Some of its complexity are not absolutely required so I wrote a wiki page suggesting the implementation of XHP extensions, aiming to make life simpler for adding and reading XHP contents textually (markup).

Please note that in any case the current markup is affected, so it will preserve the legacy contents as well as the current translations. For example, the new markup for 'tip' paragraph should be

<tip id="123456" localize="true" xml-lang="en-US"></tip>

So it can replace

<paragraph id="123456" localize="true" role="tip" xml-lang="en-US"></paragraph>

Yes, it is a trivial change but I hope it will make reading easier for all.

Handling of the XHP extensions will be in the XSLT transformation and it will be patched accordingly, as well as the DTD, wiki documentation on XHP, and string extractors for Pootle.

The wiki page is

And comments are welcome, do's and dont's, thumbs up or thumbs down.

Happy help writing.