Sunday, March 4, 2018

Resuming blogging on my activities.

Last Friday I patched the new help of LibreOffice to fix a bug about the correct detection of the operating system passes as &System= in the URL.

It affects the usage of <switch> and <switchinline> with consequences on <case> and <caseinline> as well as the <default> and <defaultinline> inside the help pages (the xhp files).

I had to change the default / defaultinline to an new entity named DEFAULTSYS, shown every time the OS is not specified.

The logic is that is there is a specific usage of &System=, then the page must display the options of the parameter specified by &System=. It must also hide all option of DEFAULTSYS in the page.

If the page has option for <case select='sys'> but the OS passed is not an option of <case>/<caseiniline> then the DEFAULTSYS options must be shown.

For example, the URL pass &System=WIN and the options are for UNIX, then the contents displyed must be DEFAULTSYS.

Patch is:

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